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Please note: The Anointed Water is no longer available, please see FAQ page for more details.

Custom Anointed Cross

Your Personalized Cross will be prayed over by Val and Eugene Wolff, the Lord spoke to us in a vision about how He has anointed the crosses and how it would bring healing and deliverance and provide a shield over the person or people that come into contact with it in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. We wanted to be obedient to what He had shown us in this Vision and we are already hearing wonderful Testimonies about how people are being set free.

$30 + ($20 for the postage)

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Maintaining Healing & Deliverance

We are so excited to introduce to you Val Wolff’s Book ‘The Healing Power of God’ and 2 x CDs on Maintaining Healing and Deliverance (23 tracks + 2 bonus tracks), the package is available at a donation of $20 or more. Shipping to the United States from South Africa is $25.

$20 + ($25 for the postage)

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