Dear Friends,

Please pray about supporting us, at present we do not have our own property and have so many requests that we are unable to fulfill as we are currently using a school hall on the Sundays that are available to us. See our Vision Video and donate so that we can move ahead into this Vision this year in Jesus name. Your blessing is an investment into people’s lives, it’s all about praying for the sick, seeing people delivered and healed, changing lives, discipling people and training them to move in the gifts of the spirit. It’s about demonstrating the Word of God with signs following (Mark 16:15-20). Thank you for your support in helping us to move ahead with our Vision.

Christ Healing Centre is committed to taking the Full Gospel (Romans 15:18-19) of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Nations in accordance with the Great Commission of our Lord and Saviour. (Matthew 28:18-20).

Our Mission is to preach the Gospel with a demonstration of signs and wonders to churches and nations, to see the Church awaken and return to its first Love with an insatiable hunger and passion for Jesus. (1 Corinthians 2:1-4). Our Aim is to equip and teach Believers that laying hands on the sick is a Mandate from Jesus to EVERY Believer, to impart the Anointing of God to all who will receive, to reach out to the lost and hurting by demonstrating God’s Power and sharing his Love. We do this through conducting Healing Schools on ‘How to Heal the Sick’ and Healing Services. Our desire is to see everyone walk out of our meetings changed, Healed, Delivered, and set free: physically, spiritually, mentally, financially and emotionally, equipped and on fire for Jesus.

Our Vision is to build a Christian Healing Centre where people can receive Healing and Deliverance, Private Ministry, Salvation, Fellowship, Love and more, all in the Mighty Name of Jesus. We are reaching out to YOU, South Africa and the entire world, bringing God's Word to as many as possible. If you would like to join us in funding this project, please email us at info@christhealingcentre.co.za

Our Vision