Val Wolff is a dynamic teacher of the Word of God and anointed Healing Evangelist, She preaches a bold, uncompromising message of Healing, Forgiveness, Repentance and Sanctification of the Heart resulting in Miracles, Signs and Wonders following the word preached. Her sermons will stir up the faith of others in God’s ability to bring them into the only truth that will set people free.

Val welcomes invitations to bring prayers for healing to your congregation and establish a Healing Ministry within your Church.

Pastors : We encourage you to have a look at our YouTube Channel, these videos will give more information about how the Holy Spirit flows through Val as she ministers at healing services and schools, when we are together in unity with each other (in one accord, Mark 6:4-5; Acts 2:1) , we will see the Lord do great things in our midst.. Hallelujah!

Val prays personally over every invitation that is received and once she has confirmation from the Lord, we will contact you. Please do not make any arrangements until we get back to you. Kindly let us know if you are able to assist with food, travelling and accommodation in this invitation.

Are you in need of healing in your life? Physically, in your heart, emotions, relationships in any area? I want to give my highest recommendation of Val Wolff's ministry especially in the area of healing, deliverance and miracles. She is a Love, Spirit and Word filled mighty woman of God whose heart is possessed with a passion to see the lost saved, the sick healed and captives set free. I’ve known her for several years and am amazed at how the Lord has not only called and gifted her but caused her to grow in her giftings and calling. You simply cannot help but be blessed by knowing her, through her healing schools and services, private ministry sessions, her Facebook page, and her remarkable ministry website

Bryan Anderson

Anointed Love Ministries.
Bellville Illinois USA

Val is an awesome example of how all Christians should be walking. Her faith in the word of God is evident in the results she gets when she ministers to people. The Word says that signs and wonders will confirm the Word and follow those who believe. It is an honor to recommend Val for your church, event or ministry. Your church will benefit by having Val and her team minister to you.

Rev. Robin Bremer

Published Author of “Feed My People Joy”

Val, you are such a blessing, inspiration and encouragement to all of us, God used you incredibly and powerfully in Pretoria. You are a highly favoured woman of God, and have a rare, yet powerful gift of the Holy Spirit, it was an honour and blessing to have you minister to us. Glory to Jesus!

Pastor Rezaldon Losper


I attended a Healing Service led by Pastor Val Wolff in Pretoria. Considering the conservative church I attended during my upbringing, I did not know what to expect and to be very honest, I was kind of sceptical. Pastor Val explained healing as it was documented in the Bible and that healing was not a phenomena that was meant for the early ages of Christianity, but is also relevant and available to believers today. I had lower back issues at the time which were healed by the grace of God and Pastor Val’s prayers. I didn’t really believe that I would be healed, but walked away with a healed back. I learnt that day that God’s grace and the power of prayer is greater than what I could imagine. God still loves us today; that he heals our illnesses. Praise God!

Louw Venter

I have personally witnessed the miracles that God has done through her ministry. Val’s manner is very gentle, yet authoritative. She exemplifies the authority that Jesus mandated His Church to walk in.

Christian Network International

Val Wolff is a humble servant of the Lord who loves the Lord with all her heart. You have to experience her services to believe it. I believe that the Lord will send many people to invest in her ministry. She is doing a great work for God’s Kingdom here on earth. It is an honour to recommend Val to your church. Churches will benefit by having Val and her team minister to you.

Pastor Charley Pietersen

Centurion, Pretoria