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Welcome to Christ Healing Centre, where impossible situations become Possible in the Mighty name of Jesus!

Pastor Val Wolff is a South African Healing Evangelist living in Durban South Africa. She ministers at Healing Services at the Durban Primary School Hall in Durban, where people from all over South Africa come to receive a touch from God at these Services and attend Healing Schools.  Val preaches a bold, uncompromising message of Healing, Faith, Repentance and Sanctification resulting in Miracles, Signs and Wonders following the Word preached. She travels around South Africa, teaching Healing Schools and ministering at Healing and Deliverance Services.

Val was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ on 11 October 2008.

Healing Services and Schools are currently held at the Durban Primary School (off Umbilo Road) and at various locations in South Africa as advertised.  Please see times and dates on our Healing Services tab..
The prayer of faith, with the laying on of hands is Gods prescription for healing!  It is God's Will for YOU to be healed in every part of your life.  
Submit your prayer request by sending us an email at  There is never a sickness that Jesus cannot heal. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. His name is above all names, even sicknesses.  The saving, healing, delivering power is available to you.

Are you able to help us?  I would like to share a current financial need with you. We are in need of a car (SUV type vehicle).  Pray about Supporting our Ministry, Spend time in prayer about this, seek the Lord as you reach out to him in obedience, many lives are been touched as we reach out to the sick.
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